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Our company is 100% woman-owned, adding a unique perspective to our commitment to excellence!
Our company is 100% woman-owned, adding a unique perspective to our commitment to excellence!


Are your books in poor condition and in need of replacement? 

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Here at K12Savings, we take the quality of books seriously. We also care about the environment. This is why we have over 20 years of experience rebinding textbooks. Our in-house, professional bindery ensures our textbooks hold up to the highest quality standards in the industry. Not only do our textbooks look amazing, they will hold up over time!

What we would like to know

1. How many different titles are you sending?
2. What is a good estimate of the total number of books you are sending? 
3. How the books are packaged? Are they on pallets? In Gaylords? Boxed?
4. Are we  picking up from one location or multiple locations? 
5. When the books can be picked up?
6. Do you have a dock available?

What we would like you to know

All rebound order quotes include the shipping cost from your facility to our facility and back.

We generally need to have the books here at our facility for a minimum of 3 weeks. There are exceptions to this but it is strongly encouraged.

Our bindery services are extremely popular and preference is given to our current customers so it is wise to contact us early. Despite increasing our capabilities in recent years demand generally exceeds our capacity. We recommend getting on our list if at all possible before June 10th even if the books cant be shipped until later.

When sending books in individual boxes, the boxes should be packed tightly and the boxes should be in good condition.

Boxes shipped individually should not weigh more than 45 pounds each.
Our carriers like UPS typically charge for overweight boxes. Boxes shipped individually weighing more than this will incur additional charges for freight.

Books that have been previously rebound are not always suitable for rebinding again. If you have questions about this please contact us at 888-336-7101 or email us at and a Bindery specialist will contact you. 

Our process:

Each book sent to us for rebinding is counted and individually assessed by a trained bindery specialist. The customer will be contacted regarding any books deemed un-bindable.

Each book is prepared for the bindery. Dog eared pages will be turned out and covers will be scanned, a photoshop specialist will digitally correct the covers before they are reproduced.

After covers are printed they are set aside for 24-48 hours to allow the them to cure before laminating. This allows for better adhesion.

Next, the textbooks go through our revitalizing process. The old covers are removed. Each book is trimmed on all sides to ensure clean edges. The book is milled and notched using state-of-the-art equipment. Our patented notched, double fan adhesive binding technique is recommended specifically for textbooks. It ensures superior flexibility and openability.

We use the finest quality materials and our process is specifically designed for textbooks.

We don't use the micro notching techniques that are designed for binding booklets that many binders do.

The key to rebinding books is in the notching. It requires specific equipment to achieve lasting results. Lot of binderies have popped up that use techniques designed for booklet binding and while the results may look okay these books wont hold up as well to heavy use by students in the classroom.

New covers are then applied under high pressure.

Each rebound book will be inspected prior to shipping.

Your reconditioned books will be returned to you with new shiny covers, crisp corners, clean outside edges and new book plates.

We believe we are the best textbook bindery in the country but don't take our word for it. Check out our customer spotlight below. 

I have been textbook coordinator for twelve years. During this time I have used several companies to rebind our textbooks. Some companies use a cover that is a single color, requiring you to read the title printed on the spine to identify the book. Other companies take a picture of the cover to match the original, but use a thin cardboard stock for the spine, which often wears out during the first year of use. The textbooks that I have had rebound at K12Savings look like brand new books, and a have a spine noticeably thicker than the original binding. I sent worn out textbooks to K12Savings, many of which didn't even have a cover, and they returned to me durable books that look brand new for about ¼ the cost of a new book.

Steve Latta
Textbook Supervisor

Blount County Superintendent
PO BOX 578
Oneonta, AL 35121-0007
Tel: (205) 625-4102